"We Sell Oak Park"

Famous (or Infamous) Oak Park and River Forest Residents

Ray Kroc                             Founder of McDonalds

Edgar Rice Burroughs        Creator of Tarzan

Earnest Hemingway            Fiction Writer

Harriet Robinet                   Civil Rights Activist & Children’s Author

Robert Satcher                   Astronaut - First Orthopedic Surgeon to go into space

Frank Lloyd Wright            Architect, Interior Designer, Writer, Educator

John Mahoney                   Actor-TV’s Frasier

Dan Castellaneta               Actor-Voice of Homer Simpson

Joseph Kerwin                   Astronaut

Betty White                         Actress-Golden Girls

Richard W. Sears               Co-founder of Sears Roebuck

Bob Newhart                      Comedian, Actor-Bob Newhart Show

Kathy Griffin                     Comedian, Actress-Suddenly Susan

Thomas Griffin                  Actor, Writer; Wrote Screenplay ‘Night at the Museum’

Judy Tenuta                      Comedian

Percy Lavon Julian          Chemist; Inventor (Synthetic Cortisone), Drugs to treat

                                         Glaucoma, Fire Extinguishing Aero-Foam & numerous

                                          other items

Donald Duncan                Known best for the Parking Meter, Founded Good Humor                        

                                          mobile frozen treats franchise

Jim Ameche                      Popular Radio Personality, Announcer

Richard Bach                    Writer of Jonathan Living Seagull

Father Andrew Greeley    Priest, Sociologist, Writer

Walter Burley Griffin                     Landscape Architect, designed plan for

                                          City of Canberra, Australia's Capital

Paul Harvey                     Radio Commentator - ABC Radio Networks

George Halas                   Chicago Bears Coach 1920–1929

John MacArthur               John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

Tom Kirk                           Actor-Downhill Racer

George W. Maher             Architect-Prairie School-style of architecture

Luther Replogle               Replogle Globes

Majorie Judith Vincent     Miss America 1991

John Lloyd Wright           Architect, Toy Inventor; Co-inventor of Lincoln Logs

Doris Humphrey               Co-founder of Modern Dance

Anna Chlumsky               Actress-My Girl (movie)

Charles Guiteau              Assassinated President James Garfield

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Al Rossell
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